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Originally Posted by zerozero View Post
I agree it sucks.

I disagree we "got caught...telegraphing...a work action."

The statistician hired by the company to collect "data" that was used against us, admitted under oath he started his collection late in 2015. The merger games didn't begin until early 2016. The company was clearly anticipating something, anything, in order to drag this all out as long as they could. We could have all been company w#0res and the company STILL would have sued us. That's in their playbook.

I happen to think the current ExCo chair is the right person for this job. Most guys willing to do the job either get snowed (wined and dined by the company) or suck up and get off by "working with" company executives. We need a fighter, and you clearly have a different opinion, which is fine, but you can't tell me the ExCo chair isn't fighting. In fact, he'll never enjoy any gain or benefit when this fight is finally over.
Agree with zerozero.

sudden, what would you be doing differently? What does your intimate knowledge of the situation tell you that would be the best course of action? Will you be running for office?
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