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Originally Posted by JamesNoBrakes View Post
The DPE should be able to issue another temporary certificate. Do you know who the DPE manager is? You need to contact that person and have them track down what's happening. There is no reason why you shouldn't have been able to take the Commercial checkride and have it go through IACRA, it updates instantly, as soon as you complete the checkride and get issued the certificate, IACRA and the FAA database shows you are the grade/rating that you just completed, so that already sounds a little fishy. Sometimes when they mess up the DPE has to submit a paper 8710 or something else requires it. That's most likely what has to be done, but this is what you need to track down.

Hi James. It's good to know that the DPE can issue a new certificate if the old one expires. The problem came about because I took the instrument checkride 2 weeks before taking the commercial checkride. So the DPE couldn't issue a commercial certificate with an instrument rating because IACRA shows that I didn't have an instrument rating. Latest news is that the DPE and the school have contacted the local FSDO and they're trying to look for the paper 8710 that the DPE submitted 2 months ago.
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