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I don't think it's usual to start PPl with buying a plane immediately... I think it pays only if you rent it for a flight school / sightseeing flights / PIC building time pilots etc etc... but there is a chance you cant fly your own airplane because it's busy when you random want to fly....
and other question is the accidents.... when stg gets broken, by an other pilot, needs time to fix it... so its risky.
Better to rent it for a flight school than private pilots without a company behind.

If you dont give for rent your future cessna it just cost a ton of money... :-/

btw would be cool to own an airplane

Originally Posted by splash333 View Post
I am interested in going through flight training. There is a flight school close by to me, they have (3) cessna 150 for 75/hour and (2) cessna 152 for 80/hour and I think an instructor is 25/hour. I am trying to save enough money to go straight though from 0-cfi. I want to do it in the fastest cheapest way possible. I think that would mean saving enough money to go start to finish so I can do it fulltime. What do you think the total amount of money would be and what is the fastest I could complete this if I am doing it fulltime?Currently I have a four year degree but there aren't any jobs I can get with it. I have a job I hate unrelated to my degree and dont make much money. I am living at home so can save most of what I earn. I hope to save enough in 2-3 years. Or I could take out a loan and start now. I am also considering buying a cheap cessna 150 for training but not sure if that would save me any money.
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