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Alright, I know this topic is about the new TA, but this is the thread all us prospects are watching. So: you NetJets cadre give us some examples of "a week in the life".

Let's say you're taking CEO Bob to Aspen for a ski trip/ "business" meeting. Do you hang out in Aspen for a day or two waiting for Bob (and get some runs in yourself!) or do you drop his A$$ off then haul butt over to Denver to pick up Rockstar Neal and zip him to his Record Signing in New York, get some sleep and then off to Ft Lauderdale for SuperModel Steve?

Y'all just humor us know-nothings; I'm trying to have some fun here-- and learn about the business in the process! If this scenario is 180-out from the norm, then what's the real thing like?


(Oh, and I guess a different crew picked up Bob in Aspen??)
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