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Originally Posted by 742Dash View Post
Having watched decades of major airline hiring practices and having had a family member go through the current med school application process (successfully, so this is not about being bitter) -- yea. At some point it should be a lottery.

You have a position that attracts thousands of applications. You work that down via reasonable screening criteria and interviews to a number that is still much higher than you are going to hire. What is left? The final process becomes petty and often results in classes made up of clones selected on the basis of the latest HR fad and those who have the best connections.

Design the hiring system using best practices. And if at the end of that there are excess applicants then yes, lottery. The end result would be much better.
Instead of lottery for the final cut, how about oldest first?

That gives the opportunity to those who need it more, and everyone younger will have their turn eventually.

Avoids the lopsided injustice of a 26 y/o enjoying a 40-year legacy career, while a 50 y/o languishes in an RJ (assuming equally qualified).
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