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Originally Posted by BeechPilot33 View Post
That is incorrect. There are restrictions. And we are talking about ROTH IRA.

It goes from a max contribution of 5500 in 2017 to 6000.

If your AGI is more than 193k you can not contribute the full 6,000. If it is 203k plus you can not contribute at all. In this case you could do a Backdoor Roth where you contribute to a Traditional IRA and convert it to a ROTH later on.
Nowhere was Roth IRA mentioned. It was strictly IRA. The two are different in that the regular or "traditional" IRA is typically pretax (if income allows it to be deducted) and Roth IRAs are post tax.

However one can contribute to an IRA at any income equal to or above their contribution and then convert to a Roth IRA. This is typically done if you cannot deduct the regular/traditional IRA contribution.
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