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I hope NJA does raise the bar for the others, but hiring less than 500 pilots per year isn't going to put the others out of business if they don't raise their pay. It will make it harder for them to attract the best pilots, but there will always be pilots out there who will do the same job for less. I would bet NJA will hire some guys who leave the competition, but we just won't ever be hiring enough to crush the competition that way. Hopefully all the competition will eventually jump on the union bandwagon and push things up beyond NJA like jmack said. Back when ALPA did a good job, that is exactly what they did.

As far as tips go, they are there every once in a while. I've gotten tips twice in '07 and it is really not something you can count on. I've heard the larger airplanes get them more, but I don't know what is real from what is just stories. You will watch the owner give out 100 dollar bills to the line guys that did very little while you loaded and unloaded the airplane and got nothing, but the owners are told not to tip us so they rarely do.
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