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Originally Posted by evanss9550 View Post
Just got an interview with Jet Select. I was hoping I could get some thoughts or first person experiences with the company, there's not a lot of info on QOL/Pay/Schedule out about them. Thanks
All depends on the aircraft you are on.

Jetselect is a management company, so you could get on an aircraft that has multiple crews, or a rotation and end up with a set schedule, or you could be on an aircraft with a single crew and be 24/7 on call. Or on an aircraft that does mostly part 91.

It is a crap shoot and I'd recommend requesting to interview with or at least talk to the crew on the aircraft they are thinking of hiring you into prior to accepting.

Pay all depends on the air frame type, your seat (CA or FO) and your experience, and is negotiable at time of hire.

The training contract sucks. 1 year pro-rated for your initial. Also they require you to sign a 6-month contract for every re-current session.
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