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I agree $90k is about right for a Capt on floats, depending on schedule. Two years non compete is nonsense. You basically sign away your ability to work.

Originally Posted by Caravanpilot View Post
Tropic is the industry standard for wages 10 years ago. The training program is great, but the wages are at lease 50% below standard. The excuse of “we are higher than industry standard” may apply to a wheeled Caravan, but any float Captain, especially a Part 135 IFR amphib Captain should be looking for a minimum of 90K a year, plus all the benefits. Tropic forces their pilots to sign a broad ranging no compete that doesn’t allow them to fly floats for any other operator, except in Alaska, for a period of 2 years after leaving. (I believe it reads, anywhere Tropic may operate or may potentially operate in the future). This Is not only bad for morale, but also seems completely un American. Your employees should want to stay and be rewarded, rather than be forced to stay because you are afraid they may take a job that pays industry standard. The DO is a pilot, but his top gun ego and me first attitude doesn’t really mesh well with a safety conscious flight environment.
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