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With most jobs in the 135 world a lot depends on who you work for. Iíve done the regionals, 135 freight and now air ambulance. I absolutely love it. QOL is fantastic. The company leaves us alone and our med crews are great. My advice is too find out as much as you can about the operator before you apply. There are some scumbag operators in this industry. Find something where you only work half the month and verify you are only on for 12 hours a shift. Bottom pay should be in the 70ís for that schedule. Be aware of the companies that offer more pay, but require you to work 2/3rds of the year. If I worked an 8/4, or some others work 2 weeks on 1 week off, Iíd make over 110k a year. Look at the daily pay not the annual. Pay and benefits have increased significantly in the past years. Donít be afraid to negotiate better pay. Where in the country do you live? Or what operation are you looking at? Hopefully someone here can give you some info on the company.
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