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Originally Posted by 3006hunter View Post
Any base. Currently on mil leave and trying to decide aircraft and base
I’d go through and count the number of AA mainline flights, AA regional flights, and OAL flights to each base (flight view app is great for this). AA mainline is best, but a high total number is also great. Calculate block times of flights to each base. Factor in time zones, same is great, going west buys you earlier shows but later returns home, east is opposite. Honestly not a big deal from CST. Then start looking at seniority in each base and equipment. It’s worth a longer commute to have better seniority. Tie goes to the Airbus for its roomier cockpit and side stick (the way a plane was meant to be flown)

Great thing is you can change bases very easily.


Number of commuters matters too, less is better, but you won’t really know that to you do it for a while.

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