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Default Why I Left a Pilot Career Worth $8.3 Million

Years ago, I cruised this forum looking for ways other people had successfully bailed out of their airline career. I had realized that my passion was not in flying, but finance. In the midst of my shift in priorities, my ex-fiancee left me, I had an underwater mortgage and an miserable commute to a reserve schedule.

Meanwhile, I was working on a grad degree, an internship, and every minute of my time off was consumed with efforts to rebuild my life from the ground up. Since then, my life has been transformed from top to bottom.

More recently, I wrote two articles: one with the name of this post, and a follow up article to describe how I changed to a different industry and how a "dream job" evolves over time. The full articles are on my personal (non-commercial) website linked below.

I now work from home for a private investment firm after moving from the USA to near London, England, and wanted to give anyone the opportunity to ask me any questions. I also welcome any insights you have about the articles I've written.
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