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Originally Posted by MarkThyme View Post
My mistake. I thought I was responding to JustOvIt, who made the original claim. You all look the same.

The argument wasn't against any claim that pilots are leaving for other jobs or for their previous jobs. I know plenty who have left, and I'm one of the ones with applications out. The claim that was made was "folks" (note the plural) "are quitting without a job... because its sooooo toxic", which I thought was a ridiculous claim to make, because the premise is entirely untrue. I don't know of a single pilot who has quit without another job offer simply because they just couldn't stand it at ABX anymore.

Despite the mistaken identification, I thought what I wrote was pretty clear. It wasn't something I dashed off in 30 seconds. You guys need to work on reading comprehension.
There were plenty who quit that says it all. And more to come. Hopefully including those who get on here and support management abusing the rla. Are you that check airmen that everybody says is a real tool to fly with?
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