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Keep in mind this is a relatively small industry despite a couple hundred thousand pilots.
At my present company Iíve already flown with 3 Captains that knew Captain A-hole LCA from my previous company.
Do not bet your job on it that HR is any different.
These folks are connected just like we are.
You will never find out what information was disclosed.
You just wonít get a interview and if you did you wonít get a class date and youíll swim in the pool for ever.

Back in the day when I did the hiring and the firing at a mid size flight school Iíd usually call the previous employer listed and sometimes the one prior to that.
Just a hey, hello my name is and Iím calling for an employment verification for CFI Abby Aileron.
Even silence would tell you a lot.
Well.......yes.....(awkward silence) Abby used to work here....
Two out of three would divulge more information then just employment dates.
Iíd usually ask if they were eligible for rehire.
Iíve had every answer between Hell No and that was my best CFI.
Point being dont be Capt A-hole.
It will follow you around.
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