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Originally Posted by boeingdvr View Post
We are hiring !! Need all the bodies we can find. Come on over, the water is warm.

- 21 day trips around the world. If you want, you can bid back to back for 40 days on the road.
- 4.85 trip rig ( not per day ) half day = half pay.
- Day / night patterns
- day sleeping
- ready reserve from 3am - 9am ( no sleep rooms )
- Union Assement of $50 bucks a month mandatory
- 5 year upgrade on 767
- 1 year upgrade on 737 ( all nighters all the time ) 20 hours a month flying. Need 1k pic before upgrade.
- not a time building airline.
- Min guaranteed 62 hours.
- vacation & training months 62 hours. No way to break 62 unless working on days off
- DH to Asia on the 747 ( 4.85 ) hours of pay
- Atlas has deal with AA and Delta for ultra deep discounted fares. Not easy to accrue points and miles now.
- Most hotels crew member doesn't keep points.
- Plan on 1600 per month for first 5 months as new hire.
- OT is seniority based. New hires rarely get OT.

- We need all hands on deck. Come on over !!
Reading that sounds like as much fun as shoving a pencil through your eardrum...sounds alot like working at ABX
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