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Originally Posted by boeingdvr View Post
We are hiring !! Need all the bodies we can find. Come on over, the water is warm.

- 21 day trips around the world. If you want, you can bid back to back for 40 days on the road.
- 4.85 trip rig ( not per day ) half day = half pay.
- Day / night patterns
- day sleeping
- ready reserve from 3am - 9am ( no sleep rooms )
- Union Assement of $50 bucks a month mandatory
- 5 year upgrade on 767
- 1 year upgrade on 737 ( all nighters all the time ) 20 hours a month flying. Need 1k pic before upgrade.
- not a time building airline.
- Min guaranteed 62 hours.
- vacation & training months 62 hours. No way to break 62 unless working on days off
- DH to Asia on the 747 ( 4.85 ) hours of pay
- Atlas has deal with AA and Delta for ultra deep discounted fares. Not easy to accrue points and miles now.
- Most hotels crew member doesn't keep points.
- Plan on 1600 per month for first 5 months as new hire.
- OT is seniority based. New hires rarely get OT.

- We need all hands on deck. Come on over !!
That was tongue in cheek and meant to turn people away, right?

If not, you might want to reassess the selling points.
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