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Absolutely agree on experience level (at the FO level as well) and changes for the better by exerting positive influence. Good man!
Originally Posted by Toddzilla View Post
My main concern at Boutique was that there were a lot of fairly inexperienced/new captains who would feel pressured to fly in conditions that they might not be comfortable with for fear of getting into trouble, written up, etc. This could include weather, maintenance deferrals, single pilot ops, whatever.

I was pressured multiple times not to write things up by mx control while at Boutique, but I did it anyway because I am comfortable making those choices. Heck, I'm the reason that PDX got a deice cart, AC cart, and some chairs for non-local pilots to rest in on the long sits (the chairs kinda suck, unfortunately, but they recline which was better than what we had before). Things actually changed for the better whenever I put my foot down, but I was always concerned that many captains with less experience making decisions didn't have the courage to do the same for fear of retribution.
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