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You’d be a great fit as a PIC. ATL isn’t the biggest base, by far, but turnover is constant as pilots move along. If you are living in domicile and not TDY elsewhere, you’ll be home every other night. BTQ hires for the base, so either you’ll wait for awhile to be hired or commute for a few months before getting the domicile that you prefer. The latter is more of a sure deal, the former is a bit iffy. PM me, if you’d like to visit.
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Looking to retire soon from a non related aviation position. I have 4200TT, 650 turbine, ATP, CFI, CFII and MEI. I'm thinking either Planesense or Boutique in the Atlanta area. Who has the best QOL? That's the biggest concern. Do you see your home base in the 8 days that you are on duty or are you gone 100% of the time. Does anyone know the pay scale difference? I have a good 7-8 years left and want to make sure its with the right company. Thank you in advance for your help.
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