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This entire process was originally being sold as a way to improve QOL on the road. Now that most realize scheduling will NEVER change, itís being sold as a ďpay raise.Ē

The simple fact is, we wonít know for sure until a year from now. But for me, Iíll be shocked if I gross an additional 15K and I expect just as much, if not more, hot spare since my fleet is becoming the Universal Recovery Machine as it nears disposal.

The sickest part is, as another pilot in my fleet put it, the IBI is a recipe for corruption. The A Team (or Bubba Club in Okatie parlance) will get even more rich as their E Bay bids on used Dixie cups guarantee them even more of the long-range, high time flying while the rest of the kids get beat up with short, multiple leg days and pantloads of airport appreciation time.

Letís compare notes next Christmas.

Speaking of which, have a Merry one.
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