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From FedEx IT:

“We’ve released an update to Pilot Careers that resolves the following issues:
The display of Flight Hours on the Review tab has been corrected so that the hours and sorties display with the applicable aircraft.
Corrected the issue with Professional Training, in which the required fields were not showing as “required”, preventing the completion of that section.
Corrected the issue with Flight Hours and Certifications tabs preventing the completion of these sections for some users.
Password reset emails had been prevented from being sent to users with,, or email addresses.This has been corrected.
Improvements to the Residence History and Employment History are in the works and we’ll let you know as soon as those changes are released.

Since we launched Pilot Careers, we’ve received a few frequently asked questions. These answers might help as you work on creating and updating your profile:

Q1. Is my profile updated when I select Save & Continue? Or do I have to select Submit?
A1. Your answers are saved when you select Save & Continue on each page. However, selecting Submit is the only way to complete your profile and signify to the recruitment team that your profile has been updated.

Q2. I see that some of my resume shows in the Completed Applications, but that doesn’t include all of my flight information. Do I need to update this as well?
A2. No. All information required by FedEx Express Pilot Recruitment is in your profile. You do not need to update the Completed Applications.

Q3. My account is locked. What do I do?
A3. Please send an email to [email protected] indicating that your account is locked.

Q4. When I type in my job description (or reason for leaving), I can enter a few sentences, but when I go to the Review page, my entry is cut off. Do I need to enter less information?
A4. Everything that you enter in the job description is visible to the recruiters. You do not need to limit the characters for your entry.

Q5. I uploaded the wrong resume. What do I do?
A5. You may upload a new resume. Only the selected resume (listed under “Uploaded Files” on the Resume tab) is submitted with your profile.

Q6. How can I use one of the other resumes that I uploaded?
A6. Use the following steps to select the resume you wish to submit:
On the Resume section, select the “Select from Previously Uploaded Resumes”.
You will see a list of the resumes you have uploaded. Select “Upload” next to the resume you wish to submit.
Return to the initial resume page with the selected resume listed under “Uploaded Files”.
Select “Save and Continue”.
Q7. Do I need to keep my profile updated in two places?
A7. No. Pilot Careers is the source for pilot job seekers to apply for a pilot career at FedEx Express. It will also be the source for current FedEx Express crewmembers to submit a personal endorsement (PE) on a candidate once that functionality is released.

For the best experience, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari in order to update your profile.

You can always reach out to us at [email protected].

Thank you for your continued interest in FedEx Express!

FedEx Pilot Recruitment
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