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Originally Posted by Elevation View Post
It's true that we're drawing from a different talent pool than we have in the past. This new reservoir of pilots will require a longer training footprint. Moreover, as pilots realize this isn't a place to stay, we're losing the expertise to move airplanes efficiently. This is why it would be more efficient for all parties to pay competitively.

Referring to pilots who have been flying recips and turboprops at AMF as "straight out of flight school" bothers me. We shouldn't invent a qualitative difference which does not exist. Moreover it's a self-defeating statement to make.

When we make the leap to demeaning these Ameriflight, GoJet or any pilots, others can make the same leap to demean us. Why pay Atlas pilots more when they can't make it anywhere better? If Atlas pilots can't go anywhere better, how much to they really need to be paid in order to fill the seats?

There are a lot of points which can made to support increasing our compensation. Supporting more and faster growth, for example. Trashing other pilots inadvertently trashes OUR pilots.
ALPA can help, but it seems there it too much pride.
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