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Originally Posted by deus ex machina View Post
ALPA can help, but it seems there it too much pride.
In my opinion ALPA cannot help here. First, it would be crazy to start from scratch. Atlas has to stay with the one they came to the dance with. Second, and most importantly, 1224 is Atlas. It is as close to having your own union as there can be. In some ways it is better. The other airlines share your expenses while Atlas controls their own destiny.

DEM hits the nail on the head when he writes that pride is a factor. With the debt load that AAWW holds, I thought that the strategy used at the beginning of the negotiations was a good one. No OT and slow down the machine and you will get them to the table. The board was smarter than me and the strategy was not effective. Instead of changing the strategy, they have chosen to plod ahead.

Atlas will eventually get a contract. But at what cost?
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