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Originally Posted by hammer pants View Post
I can’t believe you think ALPA is better than the IPA. I have 20 years with ALPA carriers and 3 with the IPA. I wouldn’t go back to ALPA if the dues were free.
Please explain 2 things for me.

1) Were you at a regional when ALPA was your Union?

2) Are you at Atlas?

If you were a commuter pilot I would agree that ALPA was valueless to you. The power will always be where the board members work. The board members are voted in usually by the larger airline. BTW the head of ALPA is a Cargo pilot now. If you are at Atlas, kind of a good deal. If not, very bad deal and you should consider leaving as you will receive even less representation financially than a commuter pilot.

There is no comparison between the non negotiating programs that ALPA has compared to the IBT.

So how are the negotiations progressing over at Atlas? I assume from your comments regarding the higher quality of representation that IBT provides that they must be right on schedule.

One last comment. I watch with interest the negative remarks made about the ATI contract. If Atlas and ABX fail to acquire a new contract by the time ATI gets their next one (possibly) how much more money and benefits will a pilot at ATI have accrued? Just something to think about regarding different strategies.
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