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Originally Posted by RyeMex View Post
Did you really just admit that ATI’s captain pay is “competitive” with being a first officer elsewhere?
My point was that in addition to pay, progression is valuable, and so despite how "crappy" the ATI contract is, if you are starting out, it's not a terrible spot to be in after three years. You also pick up more PIC time if you can get an early upgrade - if UPS or Fedex is a goal (it should be) that's another benefit.

Some rough #'s at 3 years assuming folks make it to CA with ATI (an if).

ATI (CA) - $190/hr

Omni - $140/hr
Kalitta (CA) - $211/hr (another place with good upgrades - nice!)
UPS - $180/hr
Fedex - $180/hr

ABX - $110/hr
Southern - $90/hr !
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