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Originally Posted by dynap09 View Post
My point was that in addition to pay, progression is valuable, and so despite how "crappy" the ATI contract is, if you are starting out, it's not a terrible spot to be in after three years. You also pick up more PIC time if you can get an early upgrade - if UPS or Fedex is a goal (it should be) that's another benefit.

Some rough #'s at 3 years assuming folks make it to CA with ATI (an if).

ATI (CA) - $190/hr

Omni - $140/hr
Kalitta (CA) - $211/hr (another place with good upgrades - nice!)
UPS - $180/hr
Fedex - $180/hr

ABX - $110/hr
Southern - $90/hr !
Not sure if you’re looking at CA or FO rates or a mix of both, but some numbers are incorrect.
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