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Originally Posted by ACMItrash View Post
Look at all these managers or management suck ups advertising the lowest paying jobs in the industry.


Ati, abx, omni, atlas are not going to be the next UPS.


Or you can continue selling your sole to try and get airplanes at ATI.
No one is saying ABX is the next UPS. Get a grip.

You do a good job illustrating what the trash talkers sound like on this board.

Insults (usually obviously bogus).
Spelling errors (soul not sole).
Idiocy (usually).

For folks looking to get to UPS / Fedex etc, a place like ATI or Omni or K4 is not a terrible step, especially if they are lucky and get an upgrade in a timely way. They get paid CA rates, build CA time, get type etc. Not everyone can go straight to UPS.

Pilots have different opinions, that doesn't make them management. ABX guys absolutely ripped the ATI guys for valuing home basing during last contract negotiations, but the ATI guys like home basing so kept it in. Or compare the number of legs and short turns a southwest pilot sometimes flies on the west coast - southwest has 9,000 pilots but might not be for everyone.

If you want to go to a plank union airline - check out ABX - they will and do throw crap / **** in their beds / **** on the customer / file harassment complaints / talk like management is the second coming of hitler.
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