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Originally Posted by Bungalow View Post
I made one comment.

You, on the other hand, are on every thread, every day. And you never offer anything remotely interesting, let alone positive. Complains only. And then, you tell others they canít comment.
That is typical

And allow me to make a second comment. Your comments are bitter, resentful and angry.
That is typical.

How bitter, angry and resentful was this?

Regionals with a flow through to a mainline pax carrier....stay away from ACMI. Cargo at Fedex or UPS when you have the qualifications is a whole different world than have a real future with unequaled benifits
pay and retirement.

You seem to have appointed yourself the comment police on an open discussion forum.
Maybe you are using this information on APC to make decisions on whether to by a new house or boat.....for me it's strictly entertainment. Lighten up Francis...
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