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Default European seeking new pastures

Dear all,

I am a 40 year old Scandinavian man with kids, girlfreind (mother) House and all this stuff, who allways dreamed about flying in the US.

As I recently Got a greencard to the US I was wondering if there are any chance for employment chances for semeone like me? A foreigner with European/US converted licensens.

We do things a bit different in Europe and my first job was on the 737 (not current anymore) Classic and NG (passenger/charter) Now I am flying the 767 cargo OPS. FO time only.

TT 4200h
767 1800h
737 2000h
Rest piston parachute etc.

Before flying I was working in the printning Industry, operating printning machines (actually a 4 year Education here) But no University degree or fancy stuff like that.
Would there be any chances in the US.

Thanks for any feedback and Happy new year to all :-)
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