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Originally Posted by be76flyer View Post
If guys in green lanyards are picking OT why shouldn't the guys in yellow lanyards not follow their leaders?
I am rather certain Nate does not have a green lanyard. I do have a green lanyard and therefore I am banned by federal court from discussing anything about open time as it relates to negotiations for a new CBA.

I can tell you I personally have never picked up open time in the 8 years I have been here. That is my personal choice and it is my right as open time is not mandatory for me to take. I have been extended three times in my first few years at the company, which I was not happy about.

My time is worth way more to me than the pathetic pay that Atlas Air offers, even if it comes with a premium.

If you need to pick up this pathetic pay, go for it. Just don't blame me as justification.
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