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To quote:
Six legs of flying will generally equal 5.8 hours of flight time and 8 hours total (supervising fueling, waiting for passengers, preflight, etc)

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He didn't say duty time...
The way I read that post was 8 legs totaling 8.2 hours flight time, not 8.2 hours duty time. He said 6 legs is 5.8 hours flight, 8 hours duty. I can't see how 2 more legs would be .2 hours more duty?

And no, you can't schedule 8+ hours of flight time, but you can go over it for unforeseen circumstances. This is the legal to start, legal to finish "concept". If the crews routinely hit 8.2 hours flight time, that's illegal. If he meant duty time, then it's all good, but it wasn't obvious from his post.

It's not in the opspecs, it's in 135.265.
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