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Well Iím an AD USAF pilot considering getting out at 15 years to pursue a major airline job. Iím a little nervous about being away from the family a bunch. With that said if I get out I think my ideal airline would allow be to be home the most nights. Is there a major airline that would be better suited for this. Money isnít a huge deal to me but I donít want to be poor either. Iíve heard you can drop trips with SWA if someone wants your trip and I heard something similar with United. And Iíve heard mixed things about reserve... like your jet needs to be overmanned to make it a good deal which can change and that perhaps bidding reserve during slow months makes more sense, and that at SWA they fly you a bunch on reserve, etc. Also, if I get out before 20 Iíd be flying with a KC-135 unit part time and should be able to drop mil leave from time to time. With that said any advice/info on how many nights Iíll be home on an good/bad month on a given airline (if I try to drop/trade trips, sit reserve, use mil leave, etc), and any info on how does life airlines plus guard/reserve compare to AD, is much appreciated.
You're a KC-135 pilot in the current Ops Tempo and trips to the Deed but you're worried that you'll be gone from home more at the airlines? I'm gone from home 12-14 days per month. One the days I am home, I don't have to do DTS, MICT, Chem Warfare Training...
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