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Yeah Iím doing staff work and so far averaging 5 days away from home per month in a little over a year and foresee a similar ops tempo for the next two years but you are correct I wonít have to worry about DTS and the other BS or the threat of a 365.

Just trying to get a rough idea of what the next 20 some years of my life would look like before I leap.

Did staff work last six years Going away again was shock to family, but lived in base so reserve time was actually awesome for family life. Only regret not getting out earlier instead of chasing one more promotion.

AA/reservist made point on how important seniority is. The longer you wait can be difference between continued employment and furlough. His friend put off class date til one after him. After 9/11 he still had job and friend furloughed..... so get out now and get earliest class you can

Allegiants home every night if thats what works for you family.
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