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Default Air Medical Jet Pilot

I wanted to weigh in on this discussion with some helpful information. I currently work for an air medical operator. We fly for a specific hospital in a citation encore with two pilots. The average annual hours flown are 125-150. Work schedule is 4/4. It's a very comfortable job and the benefits are average. Pay is slightly below corporate or fractional operators average coming in at around mid 50's for FO's and 70's for Cpts. with abundant opportunity to work open shifts with the ability to make another 6-12k/yr. Rotating day/night schedule. This is a great job for someone who's priority is work/life balance and home life. Never overnight trips living out of a suitcase or waiting on a shuttle bus. Most trips are within 1.5 hrs each leg. Nice equipment and good training. If you are retired from another career, you can't beat it. I retired a few years ago and went to work for Southwest Airlines for 9 months before deciding the lifestyle was not for me. I like being home with more interests than that life would afford and with over 12,000 hrs of flight time, I wasn't interested in building time or sitting in a seat for 5-7 hrs/day or flying 800-900 hrs/year. To each their own. There are not many two pilot jet air medical jobs out there that fly for a specific customer......perhaps that's why the pay is below average. Hope this helps.
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