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Default Scam-Fraud

Tom Fischer scammed me out of $5,000 and four months of my time. He made up techniques and standards not required by the FAA or any DPE, so as to delay and hinder my progress while he picked my pocket.

This crazy thief required that I hold the yoke with an open hand instead of a solid grip. He instructed me not to look at the runway while in the landing pattern, while every other source requires that you set up you landing pattern by direct reference to the runways. There are many other crazy things he required, when he wasn't sleeping. Seriously, this clown occasionally fell asleep during flights, and took the controls on my dime just to amuse himself. Another sucker, er customer, just took the introductory flight, and Fischer conked out in him, too. Look at the recent Google review from this dissatisfied sucker. He like me, feel that many if not most of the favorable reviews are solicited from acquaintances or made up bd themselves.

At the courtroom where I represented myself in a suit against him, he claimed that he has higher standards than other CFIs. The court mediator asked him if he had hire standards than other CFIs. He said yes. The mediator asked if he gave me something in writing yo tell me that beforehand. He said no. Even if his motive was for higher standards instead of just higher fees, which it wasn't, it is still fraud.

You can see other examples of his fraud on his Facebook site (look for the Rosoff string).

Don't get scammed like I did.
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