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Originally Posted by kaputt View Post
What do you all like to see for FO applicants? And not just the total time range, but also what you look for on a resume.

Im sure Falken will have a much better response for you but I figure I would give what little info I know. hopfully that will suffice until you can get a better answer.

I and one other guy were hired at Quest recently for the two FO spots in RDG. They have two tiers of first officers depending upon the experience you come in with.

I was hired as the higher tier FO with 1700 hours, CFI, and part 135 experience flying jets in the right seat and the pc-12 in the left seat.

The other guy i believe has just below 1000 hours and is a local CFI.

From what ive learned during my quest (no pun intended) to work here it seems like there is a very diverse background of flying and experience here.

If interested I would add all of the experience you can fit onto your resume and apply whenever you see an opening. I dont know how common this is but I was trying to grab a spot here since 2015 but it just never worked out until now. It does seem to help a ton if you are local to the operation and I moved closer to Reading last june to be closer to family so it all worked out in the end.

I would also network network network. Use this forum as a tool. If you see someone constantly on here answering questions give them a PM and try your best to stay in contact with them. you never know where it may lead!

Good luck!
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