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Originally Posted by Twin Wasp View Post
First to the old part of the thread as if anyone cared -

61.167 (a) A person who holds an airline transport pilot certificate is entitled to the same privileges as a person who holds a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating. The OP would not be able to operate IFR without an IR which an ATP incudes.

rmoore - The only requirements for taking a written are the CTP for the ATM and an instructor's signoff for pilot certs below the ATP level. The ATP CTP provider I'm familiar with says they want students to hold a PVT or COMM with a AMEL rating but they've had many military rotor wing pilots come through with just the 61.73 military certificate.

The only down side to taking all the writtens long before the checkrides is there is an oral along with the checkride and you'd want to review all the trivia again before the checkride. If you're planning a type ride the trivia is more aircraft specific but a light airplane ride will go over all the basics again.
Twin Wasp - Thanks for the reply. Understand that taking the writtens too far in advance is not good. I will probably wait until I'm closer to taking the Comm Multi before I take the written. You never know what life throws at you. 6 months becomes 12 months, which becomes 24 months
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