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Originally Posted by FR8Dog7 View Post
Bob only gave up his check airman status after he had made a bundle! NOT right after the contract expired. As long as you are under the thumb of Bourne with the likes of Kirchner and his cronies taking your 2.5% you are doomed. The smartest thing the Atlas and Southern pilots could do is to decert IBT and go back to ALPA where you belong.
Nobody ran against Kirchner. If they went back to ALPA BK would still be the head man... First the pilot group would have to think BK is the boogey man you do. Then they'd have to find someone (and a slate) who isn't too lazy to run against him. Then they'd have to win an election. While all of this is happening the clock would be ticking on the current CBA which would be doing significant damage to the careers of those involved. The attention would be on changing leadership instead of CBAs.

ALPA is great but the Atlas Pilot Group is the master of their own destiny in most circumstances.
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