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Originally Posted by scrupulous View Post
Just as heads up since I have received a couple of dozen emails already on this.

The Atlas union forums have been removed. I don't know if it was coincidental to me mentioning here I had a 1300 read count to my last post there. It happened less than two days ago during an exchange with J----Knoxville and he was showing up to the local for "contract language" stuff at the same time.

Supposedly, I'm supposed to contact the President to find out what "new" social media policy that will be implemented. Since the staff members generally don't work on the weekend, I guess my read count made an impression on someone once reported on by above. My first guess is they will drop it all and leave it to non-union sanctioned things like the Atlas GC_COMMS facebook so the local probably won't be accountable that way. If this is done, anyone that has a question or questions certain actions will not be invited in for access as it's done now on the Atlas facebook page.

I admit that there are few to no responses to my updates over there on the union forums but that is due to the current environment set by leadership. I fully understand why no one wants to lift their head above the foxhole to take any fire.
Man, you really spew baseless nonsense. I had no plans to "show up to the local for contract language stuff". I haven't been to Wilmington in over a year. I have zero interest in the 1224 forum as you and your 1% pilot club are the only ones that go there anyway. Post away to your heart's content. In the past I had people tell me you would trash talk the union leadership there and I would check it out. It was funny watching you and your two friends go round and round repeating the same things over and over. It was an echo chamber of entertainment for the rest of us to watch.

I have no idea why the 1224 forums are off and on historically or now as those decisions are not made by me. However, despite the fact that you may think the world revolves around you, there are nine other 1224 airlines other than Atlas and decisions made with the 1224 forums just might have something to do with someone or something other than you and your universe.

For the record, this is yet again another baseless lie by scrupulous/suddenimpact.

Does APC just allow people to repetitively spew baseless lies? I guess I should read the Terms of Use. If there are no repercussions for making up anything someone wants to (which clearly there must not be), it may just be time for me to start my own version of "facts" about suddenimpact/scrupulous.

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