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Originally Posted by BMEP100 View Post
The doctor I see for arthritis has recommended CBD oil for arthritis pain. He did stress that the source is very important and that it should be batch tested.
Find another doctor.

Another surgeon friend who is an AME (not mine), has been studying CBD and is convinced of it’s therapeutic value for a lot of maladies.
Great. Get him/her to provide whatever information convinced him/her to the FDA to see if it will convince them, because despite all the hype, nobody has shown this stuff works any better than a placebo.

An excerpt:

One study has reported on the potential for CBD and THC to be present in urine after dosing 15 volunteers with high CBD/low THC oils, capsules, and cigarettes.2 Fourteen of the fifteen volunteers tested positive for both CBD and the marijuana metabolite carboxy-THC, suggesting these CBD preparations contained enough THC to elicit a positive urine drug test result after use.

Another recent study investigated the potential for CBD to degrade into the more psychoactive component THC after oral ingestion.1 Researchers exposed CBD solution to a simulated acidic stomach environment and assessed for the presence of CBD and THC by mass spectrometry over the course of 6 hours. THC was found to form from CBD within 2 hours of exposure to the acidic environment, suggesting oral ingestion of CBD may lead to systemic THC exposure.

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