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Originally Posted by scrupulous View Post
While he is not in with the larger membership gang mentality we got going right now, he is predominately right.

We all need to know how the chess board is laid out and the rules vs our playing checkers when that is not the game being played.

We got lucky on the work action the last time. It could have gone along the way of AA's and weakened our position negotiating instead of helping it.
For prospective Atlas new hires, most folks have come to this thread to post their annual pay in an effort to provide you with a realistic view of what to expect in their first years at Atlas.

Unfortunately, as in so many other other Atlas threads, this thread is in peril of devolving into another union bashing rant by our very own "1%" who are nothing more than management wannabe's working against the pilot group.

Let's keep this information channel open to people who simply want to learn about the things that will allow them to make the right decision when it comes to choosing between ACMI carriers and where Atlas sits within that group (bottom!! )Please try to read past the unproductive posts to get the information that you need to decide what the truth is for Atlas new hires.

Good luck!
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