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Central or Centro? It's in the top 20 in the world. 4 hour tasting menu was like 140 bucks. Good but very long. Need reservations 3 months ahead when I went.

La Mar was great for lunch. Sushi the was awesome. Ceviche amazing.

Nikkei Peruvian food was great. Maido was amazing. Someone mentioned Matsui but I haven't tried it.

La Lucha is a sandwich chain. Sort of like an upscale subways. Absolutely freaking delicious. I stopped and got sandwiches for the trip to the airport on the way out.

Try Cuy while you're there. It's a bit fatty but I liked it.

Tons of places in Miraflores bars clubs e.t.c. if you speak Spanish Barranco is close by and more locals. A lot of bars clubs e.t.c. but watch out for pick pockets and drunk guys just looking to pick a fight.
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