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Originally Posted by fly5280 View Post
Hello all,

Pretty new here.

Shortly after getting my PPL I had a rudder cable system fail on short short final on a crosswind landing. I did everything in my power to correct it. I was able to get the plane down, but slid to the side off the runway. The airplane sustained damage. It was called an accident because there was too much damage. The NTSB report came out and states it was caused by a rudder cable failure. I was also was not exceeding the crosswind limit of the aircraft. I was not injured at all. The FAA didn't have me do anything. Should I give up on a flying career? I see some job posting saying "no accidents or incidents."
What do they mean? Do they mean crashes in bigger airplanes? If I remain clean will a 121 carrier hire me? I have not failed any checkrides. Any thoughts? I feel it's made me a better pilot. I'm still pretty young(26) Currently working on my IFR. Thanks
This definitely won’t be an issue. I had my accident before I went to the regionals, disclosed it on the application, brought a copy of the accident report to the interview and it was a huge “selling” point. My accident report:
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