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Originally Posted by skiddriver View Post
So I read tons of neg posts... makes Southern 777 opportunity look pretty concerning.... straight scoop please...

Am I to understand you can get paid less than Min-G (62 hours)? How does that work....

I am at a regional getting maybe 45 -55 Hours a month after losing flights to displacement etc.... I feel like flying a 777 at rates that appear much higher than regional FO pay would be a great opportunity... But reading posts makes it seem like thatís a very wrong thought on my end!

I am military and need more Turbine time to be competitive at what I feel would be my desired career airlines...I would like to get some Cargo experience as I truly believe I would prefer nights and straight trips 15-17 days rather than broken 4 on 2-3 off with passengers.... but again.... everyone seems to be so Neg about this... inputs please; real data...
Expect to be gone for 40 days straight at Southern. It happens sometimes.

Why not go to Omni or Kalitta? They get paid wayyy more and Kalitta loves hiring military guys. They're also only gone 16 or 17 days a month. ATI and NAC also get paid a lot more and have better schedules. There are just so many better options.

And then of course there's Allegiant, Spirit, Frontier and probably more that I can't think of right now that all have better schedules and get paid a lot more. Those would all be great choices that would get you to your career destination.
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