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Originally Posted by skiddriver View Post
So I read tons of neg posts... makes Southern 777 opportunity look pretty concerning.... straight scoop please...

Am I to understand you can get paid less than Min-G (62 hours)? How does that work....

I am at a regional getting maybe 45 -55 Hours a month after losing flights to displacement etc.... I feel like flying a 777 at rates that appear much higher than regional FO pay would be a great opportunity... But reading posts makes it seem like thatís a very wrong thought on my end!

I am military and need more Turbine time to be competitive at what I feel would be my desired career airlines...I would like to get some Cargo experience as I truly believe I would prefer nights and straight trips 15-17 days rather than broken 4 on 2-3 off with passengers.... but again.... everyone seems to be so Neg about this... inputs please; real data...
I'm not sure about Southern 777, but Atlas 747/767 or Southern 737 you will fly less than you are now.

Some of the regionals are flying a lot...look into switching regionals and taking the bonus for doing so...
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