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Originally Posted by Moosefire View Post

Help me out here, I fail to see why all the outrage. This was the case at my last company as well and doesn’t seem odd to me. So long as he pays 1.95% I’d rather have a VP that’s on the seniority list and has a vested interest in the success of the pilot group than one who is not.

I'm only paying 1.9%.

I wanna know when he took the COG test and the SBI. Is he on probation now? Will he have to go through the 6-month probation review?

We've never had a non-seniority number holding pilot in his position, and I don't fancy the idea of handing out seniority numbers like candy. Let's wait and see what happens when he decides he wants to be a wide-body captain.

Please explain to me how his cute trick gives him any vested interest in us. It won't affect his compensation, and he'll still be on the other side of the table during CBA negotiations. Pretending to be a line pilot won't change a thing, other than fooling the naive.

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