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Funny how no one understands the sarcasm in this thread. You guys need to lighten up.

Do your really think that all the negative things discussed in this thread have changed in a little over a month?

Southern - It is what it is. Will never get better. Never has, never will. It will only get worse. Crew shortages mean that life will only get more miserable. I have already been called at home on days off. They attempted to involuntarily assign me a trip that would chew up my remaining 5-6 days off, which would put me right back on the road for the scheduled trip with no break whatsoever. What's to learn in that?

Married? Family? Not after a turn at SAI.

SAI is not ACMI anymore. It used to be fun when it was. Right now it is one contract, constantly going to the same places over and over. 14+ hour legs, which your are not going to get a lot of experience on. It will be a battle to keep current on your landings. What you will learn is how to sleep on an aircraft, how to get minimal rest when you land - maybe. When you do get a chance to get a longer layover in Hong Kong you will learn how to get your freak on in Wan Chai, get p**s drunk, and put your marriage in jeopardy.

When crews meet the first question to each other is "Did you get any sleep?". No joke.

As to the DUI reference - obviously a joke, you know back to that sarcasm thing. Just remember there is always a bit of truth behind a joke. You can read into that whatever way you want, hic!

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