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Originally Posted by Speed View Post
Anyone care to weigh in on checking bags vs. carry-on? I need to buy a new bag, would prefer a travelworks 26", but would have to check it. In the past I've avoided checking a bag when it might be difficult for the bag to catch up with me. Also, I believe someone said the 26" fits in the wing locker ok?
I think that the Luggage works 26 fits in the wing locker, but itís tight. The standard 22 is what I carry, and thatís it. Itís more than adequate for how I pack, which is more than adequate for an 8 day tour. A lot of guys bring a backpack or briefcase too, but it takes up more room so the least amount you have the easier it is.
As far as checking a bag, if you are in uniform they probably wonít make you do it. However, I like to travel home in civies and I never check a bag. As far as going to work, the only time I check is on a regional where you have to gate check and get it back on the jetway upon deplaning. I donít like the prospect of having to go without my bag on tour.
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