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Originally Posted by Asiabound View Post
Legacies do better off in the long run than any ACMI ever will, AA was the exception rather than the rule. I still don't buy the shortage, there are a lot of retirements sure, but there will be pull back in a few years and there are a lot more things the majors can do to mitigate hiring, like scope relief and more codeshare. When things slow down again (and they will, trust me) starting FO pay will be back to $45k again at all the ACMIs.

To your point about United, the Omni pay scales might go higher but consider this... The pay isn't as much about hourly it's about the work rules. United pilots and the other Legacies have all sorts of pay protections along with trip rigs, duty rigs, the ability to add and drop trips without loss in pay, and vacation accrual rates that add so much more to the equation.

The 401k doesn't really matter as much at those places because they also pay a B fund. This means the company deposits money into a fund on your behalf, my understanding is about 12-15% of your pay per month/year, but nothing it taken out of your check. Free money basically. That's how these guys are getting their water cannon salute after 25+ years and walking away with an extra 1-2 million dollar check. To add sugar to it, they also have a normal 401k plan as well with the matching you are talking about. AFAIK all the ACMIs are offering 401k's only. To add even more sugar, FDX and UPS pay both of the above plus a pension. That's how the difference between ACMI/charter vs. UPS/FDX/Legacies equates in the millions even if the payscales aren't that far apart.

I'm well aware that its not easy to get hired at a Legacy either. Just saying the choice to jump is a no brainer if you do get the chance.

Safe travels.
My point is everybody’s situation is different. Many don’t have the years left to jump ship and start over at a legacy. With the increased pay and rule improvements Places like K4 and Omni are viable alternatives. K4 has dozens of CA’s over $400k this past year, several over $500k, and at least one that almost hit $600k. Even junior CA’s are doing $225k and up. With half the month off every month, never jumpseating, never crashpading..... it’s not the no brainer it used to be for many guys. If you’re an FO, or young, sure....
Each guy needs to research and decide for themselves based upon their own situation.
Safe travels to you too.
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