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Originally Posted by BaylorPilot View Post
Looking for some help here on what and when to report. I know I need to report a kidney stone right away, but do I need to report an ER visit for the pain even if nothing was found? Is that just something I need to disclose on my next medical visit?

Define: “nothing was found.”

How many kidney stones have you had?
Have you been checked for issues that predispose you for stones?
Was an IVP or other x-Ray done?
Did they find blood in your urine?
What did they say was causing your pain?
What was the discharge diagnosis?
What was the recommended follow-up?
What class of physical do you possess?

The real issue is whether or not you’ve still got one or more retained stones or have medical problems that put you at risk to recurrence of stones. Answering your question requires a little more detail.

But in the final analysis if you have can’t demonstrate at the time of your next physical that all the appropriate criteria have been met and/or the major risks ruled out, the AME can’t issue.

You are generally better off working these issues before you go see the AME.
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