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“1) I will be 5 years non-current when my ADSC expires in 2021. Will the regionals still hire me after this much time out of the cockpit?”

Yes. My recommendation is that you get some instrument refresher training, even just at the aero club if your base has one. It needn’t be multiengine. Look over the online Jeppesen guide to be able to convert from FLIP charts to Jepp approach plates.

If you can explain the Q3 and Q2 the regionals will have no trouble hiring you. If you can’t explain them, they will most likely hire you anyway. You do not need a current ATP written if you already have an ATP.

I understand the 707 type as a tanker. Where did the two others come from?

And no, unless you are planning on screwing up badly at a regional, I wouldn’t worry overmuch about flow. Your fellow new hires will typically have 1500 hours total time, all but fifty hours of it single engine, or quite possibly only twenty five hours of multi engine, generally in a Seneca. They are unlikely to have ANY turbine PIC other than perhaps C208 time and have likely flown nothing that was capable of cruising at the approach speed of a T-38.

Doing well in 121 training is strongly dependent upon having a good sim partner. Your classmates will be fighting each other to get you as their sim partner.
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